New Teachers's information(新加入講師の紹介)

2022.07.27 [Wed] UPDATE



my name is Jomar and I am from the Philippines. I like to play badminton and volleyball. I also love to play musical instruments like the guitar and the trumpet. Let's have fun learning the English language together!



Hi everyone! My name is Juan and I'm from Spain. I've been living in Japan for 6 years and I'm a videogame developer. I love music, watching movies, and of course, playing video games. Ever since I was a student, I've always liked teaching so I look forward to meeting you all.



Hello everyone! My name is Ryan and I am from the Philippines. I've been an English teacher for more than 10 years! During my free time, I like to watch movies, anime, and documentaries. I also find pleasure in cooking Filipino and American dishes for my friends. I hope to see you soon!