New Teachers's information(新加入講師の紹介)

2022.07.27 [Wed] UPDATE



Hello everyone! My name is Nathalia, I'm from a Chinese family in Indonesia, but I've also lived in Switzerland, Spain and China. Even before college, I've always liked to teach English. I find pleasure in traveling, reading, cooking, writing, watching movies, dramas and anime, and listening to music! I look forward to meeting you soon.



Hi! My name is Nancy, and I come from Romania; I am half-Romanian and half-Jordanian. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, and I came to Japan to study for my Ph.D. I am interested in sustainability, minimalism, veganism and the concept of ikigai. I hope to see you soon!



Hi everyone! My name is Mark, and I am from the Philippines. I am currently a student studying Nihongo in Osaka. I like sports and watching movies. When I have the time, I go to places I've never been to. Since I was young, I've always been interested in Japanese culture. Let's all have fun learning, and I look forward to meeting you soon!



Hi everyone! I'm Syara, and I'm for Malaysia. My hobbies are watching movies and exploring new places. Hope to see you soon!